Unit 6 Occupation Lane Woodville Swadlincote Derbyshire DE11 8EX uk

 Loading Shovel Training

​Fork Lift Truck Counterbalance TrainingTyp

M1 Rider Multi-directional lift trucks 

M2 Rider Multi-directional side loader

​Our Available Courses your paragraph here.

​Pedestrian Pallet Truck Training &Low Level Order Picker Training.

R5 Lorry Mounted Crane

T1* Rider Vehicle Mounted Lift Trucks

​Banksman TrainingType your paragraph here.

A1 Pedestrian Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift order-picking trucks

A2 Rider Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift order-picking trucks 

A3 Pedestrian Counterbalance lift trucks

A4 Rider Rider Pallet Stackers 

A5 Pedestrian Pallet stackers

A6 Pedestrian Straddle trucks

A7 Pedestrian Reach trucks

A8 Rider Stand on Reach trucksT

Vehicle Mounted MHE

​S1 Rider Loading Shovel Tracked and Wheeled Type your paragraph here.

S2 Pedestrian Banksman

​R8 Slinging and Signalling

Pivot Steer Fork Lift Truck (FLT) Course

1A Rider Static Vertical – Driven into position and cannot drive elevated 

1B Pedestrian Static Boom – Trailer mount, van mount, lorry mount and spider lift.

3A Rider Mobile Vertical – Can drive elevated 1 

3B Rider Mobile Boom - Can drive elevated Ty

P1 Rider Pivot steer trucks  P2 Pedestrian Pivot steer trucksType your paragraph here.

Whether you are company or a private individual our wide range of forklift truck training courses will provide you with an AITT accredited qualification that will demonstrate you or your team are able to work safely, efficiently and professionally.

Whether you have never used a forklift truck before and want to get into the warehousing and logistics industry or an experienced operator we will have the right option available for you. Our courses include:

Novice training
Experienced operator training
Conversion courses
Refresher training

Attachement training

Courses can take place at our training centre, located in the heart of the Midlands. within easy access of the M42 & M1.

We also offer  training courses to clients nationwide on their premises.

J1 Rider Rough terrain masted lift trucksRider Rough terrain variable reach lift trucks – up to 9m lift

J3 Rider Rough terrain high lift telescopic trucks – above 9m lift 

J4 Rider Industrial variable reach lift truck – up to 9m lift 

J5 Rider Industrial high lift telescopic truck – above 9m lift 

J6 Rider Variable reach/tele, 360o slew under 9m lift

J7 Rider Variable reach/tele, 360o slew over 9m lift 

J8 Rider Articulated RT Telescopic Lift Truck

D1 Rider Reach & straddle trucks 3-8m lift  D2 Rider Reach & straddle trucks over 8m lifT

DH Training



FLT Reach Truck Course

Telescopic  HandlerType your paragraph here.

B1 Rider Counterbalance lift truck up to and including 5 tonne*

B2 Rider Counterbalance lift truck over 5 tonne – up to and including 15 tonne* 

B3 Rider Counterbalance lift truck over 15 tonne*  B4 Rider Stand – on counterbalance 

Mobile Elevated Work PlatformT

Multi Directional Fork Lift Truck TrainingType